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10 Items That Are Banned From Self-Storage

Now that you have finally secured your Vaultra Self-Storage storage unit and are happily storing your most prized goods with us, you’re probably wondering which items are not permitted and which are welcomed. Luckily, Vaultra is open to RV storage, boat storage and vehicle storage, which means that your various modes of transportation can have a safe, temporary home with us. However, from explosives to scented items, there are still a select few items which should not be placed in your storage locker. We’ve curated ten major don’ts to keep far away from your Vaultra rental storage, for safety and precaution purposes.

1) Explosives/flammable materials: Explosive and flammable materials should be kept away from storage sites, as there is a major risk of explosions with these dangerous goods being present. This includes items like fireworks, firecrackers, aerosol spray cans and propane tanks.

2) Chemicals: Along with explosives, chemicals also present a threat and should never be kept in a storage facility. This means that cleaning products, paints, oil, nail polish remover and bleach are not allowed, due to the chance of a chemical reaction and the corrosive nature of these household products.

3) Perishable Food/Drinks: As many customers trust our Vaultra storage sites to look after their items for months and even years on end, perishable food and drinks are another no-no. This means that those extra groceries which are taking up your entire kitchen (whether that means dairy, produce, grains or meat) should be kept far away from us. The same goes for your juice, milk and fizzy beverages. Rotting food in a storage facility won’t be a pretty sight, after all- nor will it be a safe or healthy sight!

4) Furry friends: Being animal lovers ourselves, this sentence is painful to write, and the idea of anyone wanting to leave Fluffy or Fido behind in a storage facility breaks our hearts. Needless to say, living animals belong in loving, hazard-free homes, surrounded by their human parents and families.

5) Greenery, plants and flowers: Not everyone is a plant person, and that’s perfectly fine. However, those beautiful red roses, luscious tulips and verdant, soothing potted plants do not belong in a storage unit. Keep your blossoms at home and water them regularly, as they are living and deserve to thrive in sunlight-filled gardens or indoors as house plants.

6) Jewellery: We wouldn’t recommend housing your most precious baubles in storage. Your grandmother’s antique diamond wedding ring or that ruby necklace that you received for a milestone birthday are likely safer in a safety deposit box or, failing that, in your own home.

7) Fertilizer: Fertilizer is an essential to anyone in the agricultural industry, and we understand that you may be looking for extra space for your soil or cow manure. Unfortunately, it’s unsafe to have these products in storage, as they can be hazardous.

8) Firearms/Weapons: From handguns to rifles, no loaded weapons should be put away in your storage locker. Once again, ammunition is considered dangerous and generally not allowed in self-storage.

9) Scented goods: Whether that involves a bottle of expensive perfume or scented candles, we suggest keeping fragranced goods far away from storage. The scent will likely spread all over the storage locker, and a liquid product like perfume or cologne is considered flammable as well.

10) Moist or wet items: As nobody wants a mildewy scent in a storage locker, we ask for customers to keep wet towels, damp paperwork and moist cardboard boxes away from the site. Moistened items are on the list of “don’ts”, as the chance of mould is fairly high and is also a health risk.

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