Handing over the keys for third party management

Boutique 3rd Party Management Services

Accelerate your growth with a true partner providing personalized attention, extensive operational experience and managerial support.


• Maximize your investment by partnering with an experienced self-storage operator
• Economies of scale from a larger platform of buying power
• Meet the demands that come with managing budgets, marketing, employees and operations
• Rely on industry professionals for expert advice to assist with important day-to-day property decisions
• Alleviate working through accounting, payroll and taxation; leave it to the experts

The Value of 3rd Party Management

Experienced Self-Storage Operator

Would you like to free yourself from day to day operations?

Expert Advice

Are you looking for a partner that you can trust?

Economies of Scale

Have you considered operational and capital cost saving?

Customer Service Training

Do you agree that customer service is crucial to success?

Digital Marketing Best Practices

Would you like seasoned professionals to manage your digital marketing?

Customer Acquisition Platform

Is your aim to leverage proven customer acquisition best practices?

Dynamic Promotion Strategies

Would you like someone else to manage promotional activity?

Comprehensive Reporting

Do you have a desire to keep a close watch on your investment?

Back Office Team

Are you seeking a capable team to manage accounting, reporting, taxes, staffing & KPI’s?

The Vaultra Advantage

Vaultra specializes in 3rd party management services for storage facilities. We pass along cost savings through economies of scale on materials and services. We provide expert management by an experienced team, dedicated relationship manager and back office team with a strong focus on customer service. Our in-depth customer acquisition platform, dynamic pricing and promotion strategies that maximize revenue, daily reporting and quick decision making, make Vaultra the right choice for your business.

For more information please contact us at: 3rdparty@vaultra.ca.


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