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6 ways to light up your room this Valentines!

It is no secret that Valentine’s is the perfect time of the year for romantic gestures. It will immediately spice up your love life and even another chance to rekindle the spark if you’ve been with someone for a really long time!

This Valentine’s here’s a chance for you to show some love to your significant other by adding bit of sparkle and light to his/her personal room or better yet, to the room you both share together!

Coolest thing about these hacks is that, even if you are single and not ready to mingle, you can spice up your own bedroom to show yourself some love, or even give some perspective!

Add some fairy lights and pictures

Nothing makes your room cozier than personalization and a bit of sparkle. You can navigate some fairy lights right above your headboard and add some cute couple pictures of you both, to remind you of the good times. Remember, since bedrooms are private, you can get as cray as you like with the pictures. If you live by yourself, you can personalize with some of your memorable moments and achievements to give you an instant pick-me-up when things are not entirely exciting.

Hide extra pillows under your bed

If you are one of those people that need a lot of pillows and he/she doesn’t exactly appreciate the clutter, get a rack under the bed that can conveniently store/hide the extra pillows.

You can even position a deep basket at the foot of your bed to tidy throw pillows and extra blankets.

Separate items in your drawers

Prevent under garments and socks from becoming a jumbled mess by adding honeycomb-style organizers. The compartments help make the most of the space and keep all small items visible.

Easy to assemble shoe- rack

Shoes can easily be disturbing clutter, especially if you live with a shoe lover. Get an easy to assemble wall mounted shoe rack that can be hung in a corner of the room which can easily separate his and her shoes side by side. You could even create a DIY shoe holder as a romantic gesture for your partner for who adores shoes!

Add a book rack photo holder

If you relax by cozying up to a book or if your partner enjoys cuddling up with a book, a stylish book rack maybe the way to spice up your bedroom. You could complete the rack with a couple of his/her favourite books as a Valentines gift. The rack could be personalized to hold books and a picture of you both, to make it a lasting gift.

Rid your room of the extra’s

Another great way to show love would be to ensure that you rid your room of the extra seasonal clutter that may not be needed from February to December. You could speak to the team at Vaultra Storage and ensure you reserve your space today, cause we’ve got room for that!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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