Industry Background

Self-Storage Background & Services

Over seven billion of us share this earth now unlike a few decades ago. Therefore, condominiums replacing houses, buildings replacing gardens and having to move miles away from home for occupational reasons are all part of everyday life. While many understand that life has to take them places and that those places are probably a fraction of what they desire, they hesitate when it comes to making long term or even short term plans for their belongings.

  • Vaultra’s Self-Storage locations is a great way to reduce clutter and make room at home or the office.
  • Self-Storage facilities provide enhanced security features.  Vaultra Self-Storage locations offer chain link perimeters, digital keyed security areas, secured rolled gate system, security lighting, CCTV surveillance system and regularly scheduled site walk-throughs.
  • Vaultra’s Self-Storage units will keep your possessions safe during home renovations or other projects that could potentially damage property.
  • Vaultra’s Self-Storage units provide the space you may need for large items such as pianos, ski boats, vintage cars, exercise equipment and camping supplies that you want to keep but have no room for.

The Self-Storage concept involves the provision of secure and convenient storage compartments of varying sizes for individual, corporate, commercial or industrial customer usage on a month to month rental basis. Rental units generally range in size from 15 square feet for file storage or miscellaneous household items, up to 1,000 square feet suitable for automobiles, recreational vehicle storage, industrial or commercial materials and inventory.

Services and Products can include:

  • Storage unit rental – heated/cold/climate controlled
  • Parking Rental – RV’s/Boats
  • Video Surveillance
  • Keypad Entry

  • Self-Automated 24/7 Kiosks to rent and pay for units
  • Sales of Merchandise
  • Mailbox Rental Service
  • Moving Truck Rental

  • Moving Equipment Rental
  • Content & Liability Insurance
  • On-line booking and rental of units

Why Self Storage

Self-Storage effectively caters to private individuals and small to medium business customers looking for short-term and cost effective space for valuables and business inventory.

  • Individuals store furniture, household appliances, personal belongings, seasonal equipment, motor vehicles, boats, recreational vehicles, motorcycles and other household goods. Customers use the space during renovations and de-cluttering purposes.
  • Businesses store inventory, business records, seasonal goods, equipment, fixtures, merchandising materials, tools and job materials. Many business customers use the space for logistics warehousing and for transition requirements.
  • Students use storage during holiday and non-school term periods as a cheaper alternative to housing rental.
  • Specialized storage can be provided for wine, paintings, furniture, exotic vehicles and higher valued items.

Lease agreements are for a minimum of one-month with automatic renewals every month. Incentives are often provided for tenants to continue leasing space for longer periods.

General benefits of Self-Storage are:

  • De-clutter – Helps reduce clutter, thus allowing you to optimize space at your home or office
  • Security – Provides enhanced security for your goods, such as chain link perimeter, password protected security areas, secured roller gate systems, security spot lights and state-of-the-art surveillance systems, all backed by trained security personnel
  • Protection from damage – Helps protect your goods for short periods when you are undergoing renovations or shifting premises or relocating
  • Secure large items – Gives the opportunity to provide secure storage for large items such as RVs, trailers, automobiles and machinery

Self-Storage serves a variety of purposes for different customers.

For example:

  • Students – During holidays and non-school periods as an alternative to housing rental which is expensive
  • Individuals/Families – Furniture, household appliances, personal belongings, automobiles etc.
  • Small and Medium Sized businesses – Fixtures and fittings, inventory, files and documents
  • Large companies – Furniture, stocks, machinery, file archives