Packing & Storage Tips

At Vaultra Self-Storage we are all about having a positive moving, packing and storage experience and would love for you to have a great experience. Here are some pointers from our teams who have been in the industry for many years.

Packing Tips

  1. Use the right box – Ideally smaller boxes are to contain heavy items such as dishes and books, while the larger boxes would contain lighter items like linen, blankets and sheets.
  2. Don’t over-pack – A rule of thumb is to ensure the box remains in its original shape when you are done packing and not bulging from the sides.
  3. Label – Clearly label all the boxes with their respective contents. Also mention which side needs to be up.
  4. Try to use boxes as much as possible instead of garbage bags to prevent your goods from getting squashed or damaged.
  5. Tape your boxes so that they don’t pop open.
  6. Dismantle large items to make them smaller and easier to transport.

Storage Tips

  1. Always place boxes on pallets or wooden platforms to facilitate air circulation.
  2. Fold your clothes properly and store them in dressers or hang them in wardrobe boxes.
  3. Do not store perishable food items as they will attract fungi and parasites, thus compromising your other goods as well.
  4. It is always good to store books and documents in temperature and humidity controlled storage units.
  5. When storing tools and equipment, clean them and wipe them with a rag containing a few drops of machine oil.
  6. Wrap mattresses with high quality mattress covers and store off the floor.
  7. Medicine and pharmaceuticals must be stored in temperature and humidity controlled units.
  8. Individually wrap all glass and ceramic-ware with newspaper or bubble-wrap.
  9. Jewelry and important documents should be kept with you at all times.