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Quick Storage Tips to for your Kitchen

No matter how big or small the house is, more often than not, the kitchen is the most underappreciated and cluttered unit of your home that could considerably bring down your efficiency levels and contribute to delaying your day to day activities.

It goes without saying that a large part of organizing your kitchen and pantry is facilitating storage. There are many little creative and innovative storage ideas you can take advantage from, to give your kitchen that energy boost and noteworthy organizational admiration; not to mention of course the ease of operation.

Floating Shelves

No matter the size of your kitchen, every little inch matters when it comes to storage.
Floating shelves on either side of a window offer space for dishes and glassware. Don’t worry if you only have a small amount of wall space to work with: petite shelves can still get the job done. A simple shelf above a window increases display space for plates, bowls, and art. There is a reason why Floating shelve are number one on my list 😊

Shelves To Your Back-splash

An awkward corner can be maximized by adding in easy storage. Glass shelving, tucked underneath cabinets, gives you a space to stow glassware — and since the glasses match the shelf, the effect is nearly invisible.

Swing Stools

Vintage swivel stools are playful, but, most importantly, practical, since they almost disappear when not in use.

Pull-Out Cutting Board

A pull-out cutting board with a hole makes it easy to brush the scraps straight into the trash bin just below. It’s a total veggie-chopping game changer.

Up-cycled Boxes

Old wooden Champagne cases are the ideal size for storing small kitchen accessories like tea. Add a colorful wallpaper or gift wrap to the back for an easy pop of cheer.

Converted Old Door

You don’t need the stress of installing a pegboard to have a place to hang your favorite kitchen supplies: A slatted wooden door is the perfect spot to hang a range of kitchen utensils to maximize storage while also having easy access to them.

Double Duty Counter Top

A wooden counter-top with an integrated bowl helps set down eggs as you take them out of the fridge, and they won’t roll away. Plus you won’t need another dish to set them on.

Over your stove

Another often-overlooked spot that adds extra storage to a snug kitchen? The empty space above your stove. If your kitchen doesn’t have a hood, you can put that wall space (and more) to use with help from a shelf or pot rail.

Steal space from neighboring rooms

So your kitchen is only five square feet? Try stealing a few extra inches from an adjacent room.

Storage between the fridge and the wall

If you have space between your fridge and the wall, you can slide in a folding step stool, or simply resort to a couple more floating shelves. You could also use baskets to conceal linens and small appliances in the space between the fridge and other shelving.

Storage Facility

If you already maintain a storage facility, you could put it to good use by choosing to retain only the items that you need for the season in your kitchen and depositing the remainder in your designated storage facility.

If you don’t own storage space, speak to us. With over 30 years of combined experience in the Self-Storage industry, our friendly and well-trained team is here to help you with all your Storage needs!


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