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Storing and Moving Furniture 101

With Key Self Storage (which is proudly managed by Vaultra Asset Management), opening in early July right by the border of Vancouver and Burnaby, we look forward to serving Vancouver condo residents. 

Vancouver is continuing to grow with an ever-expanding population, especially within the downtown core. To accommodate this influx of residents, condos are being built across the city, which has resulted in a greater number of households, whether it be individuals, couples, or entire families, to learn as much about the condominium moving process as possible. Check out Key Self Storage’s tips below, to help your condo relocation process go as smoothly as possible. 

Book the elevator(s): Depending on when you are moving, you may be competing with other households for elevators if they are moving into the same building. As soon as you have confirmed your new suite, book the building elevator for your moving day ASAP, so that you don’t have to wait and can get settled more efficiently. 

Ask about moving deadlines: Make sure that you ask your property management if there are absolute deadlines concerning furniture moving, and to ensure that there are no issues. To be safe, move larger pieces of furniture into your suite first so that if the clock runs out, you’re only left with smaller items that can be transported with ease. 

Know the layout of your building: Knowing the layout of your building is crucial, because it can help you determine whether or not your larger items and furniture can make it into the doors of the building, elevator, and suite without having to be dismantled.

Request a copy of your suite layout: While you surely saw your suite before deciding to move in, requesting a copy of your floor plan is important because it will help you determine in advance where your furniture and items should go. This will minimize the workload by allowing you to simply begin the unpacking process upon arrival at your suite, instead of planning at the last minute. 

Ask if the building has its own moving supplies: Many buildings often have their own moving supplies, like dollies and carts, that will ease your moving process. If not, you should certainly give us a call, as we’re proud to carry moving and packing supplies here at Key!

While theoretically a condo move should be quick and easy, because you are moving in fewer pieces of furniture and also are shifting into a more intimate space, you have to account for a smaller home with sizing constraints. Contact Key Self Storage today if you have furniture storage needs, or have any questions for us regarding personal storage. We are always eager to help and look forward to serving you. 

Photo: Key Self Storage 


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