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Storing your valued electronic items

With numerous delicate parts, electronics are sensitive gadgets that require unique care with regards to storage. Temperature and humidity, specifically, can affect the health and usefulness of these things.

Following are tips to properly store your electronic items so that you can have the same functionality whenever you need it.

1. Back Up Data

Before storage, in order to save data backup all electronic devices to a server or external hard-drive. You’ll need to have this data promptly accessible should you have to quickly refer to it or should an unavoidable occurrence happen to your items in storage. Take the additional time now to save your cherished photos or documents to avoid regrets later.

2. Separate Parts and Pieces

Numerous hardware contains an assortment of pieces. Before putting away, pull pieces apart to store separately. Remove any DVDs, CDs, game cartridges or tapes, and keep them separately to avoid items getting stuck in drives or getting harmed after some time. Label the storage boxes for easy access later on.

3. Clean Thoroughly

Similarly, as with anything you’re getting ready for storage, give your electronics a careful clean before you store away. On account of electronics, think about airing them with a compacted air duster. These dusters blow a thin stream of air into difficult to-clean spots to get out dust and residue that can gather in electronic ports and fans.

4. Cover the electronic items properly

Cover gadgets in cotton, canvas, cardboard or different materials that store well and can gather dust, instead of the electronic item. In the event that you have original packing materials, consider putting your gadgets in those.

Abstain from wrapping things in plastic, as this can really make your devices vulnerable to moisture build-up after some time. Moisture buildup will affect electronic device functionality and usefulness.

5. Store in the Right Environment

Practically any climatic condition can prompt unfavorable consequences for electronics kept away for some time. Avoid the following conditions when storing

  • Windy: Dust and different particles travel through the air and can without a trouble find their way into little openings or air vents in the electronic items and this will clog systems
  • Hot: Too warm environments can warp plastic, harm smaller parts and shorten device battery life.
  • Humid: Too little humidity can endanger your device for static release, while too much of humidity can prompt the development of condensation.
  • Cold: Devices will go into automatic shutdown mode if the surrounding environment is too cold to support functionality

Atmosphere controlled Self-Storage units of Vaultra Storage can come in handy here, by helping you to store your much-valued electronic items in better environments. Resort to keeping electronic items at room temperature, with neither too low nor too high levels of humidity present.

Are you thinking of storing away your valued electronic items? With our Vaultra Storage, thanks to better climatic environments you don’t have to worry about spoiling your electronic devices such as computers and laptops. We at Vaultra always strive to make your life easier.


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